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HOUZZ is a wonderful resource for homeowners to use to find all things related to Home Building and Design. You can browse millions of interior design photos, home decor, decorating ideas and home professionals online. Visit our Houzz page and check out our ideabooks!


Pinterest is a "visual discovery engine" where you can find anything from recipes, to fashion, to home design and decor inspiration. You can create your own vision boards to help you organize your wish list for your home. And it's a great tool to share with us to help us bring your vision to life. Check out our Pinterest boards to kick start your creativity!


Instagram is home to millions of images of anything you could possibly think of. It can be a bit overwhelming, but if you search using hashtags (ex. #kitchendesign or #modernfarmouse, etc.) you can find diamonds of inspiration! And follow us on Instragram for TONS of design ideas!

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Be Quarantined Prepared - Where to Put Your Parents (a light-hearted series)

This series is a  good combination of practical ways to be prepared if you or family need to quarantine and humor on the options available.

Click Here To See 10 Ways You Can Be Quarantine Prepared

Top 10 Home Renovations With TheBest ROI

With everyone spending more time at home these days, home improvement has been a popular way to pass the time. But want to know where you can get your best ROI? Follow this series and learn what they are!

Click Here To Learn What the 10 Home Renovations Have the BEST Return on Investment (ROI)

10 Ways to Prepare for Winter

Click Here to find how you can prepare your home for the tough, cold, winter months coming up!

Renovation Tips from House Beautiful

14 Pro Tips for a Stress-free Renovation 


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