Cheryl Newton Architects LLC is directly involved in every phase of the project to make sure the overall quality of the design and documentation is of the highest quality. Cheryl Newton Architects LLC greatest strength is the ability to efficiently communicate every detail of the project to every member of the team.

The owner is the most important person on the project team. By listening closely, Cheryl Newton Architects LLC work together with the client to incorporate their ideas into the project. Respecting the client’s ideas, experiences and project goals is the main objective in every aspect of the project. The owner, contractor, consulting engineer(s) and architect become partners in the design and construction of the project. Every member of the team brings value to the project. Cheryl Newton Architects LLC coordinates the skills, experience and extensive knowledge of each person by asking questions, encouraging creative ideas, and working together to develop and implement successful design solutions.

Cheryl Newton Architects LLC designs projects that are not only unique and interesting, but also easy to maintain, comfortable to use, and practical to build. Managing deadlines, keeping a close eye on the overall budget and communicating with the client are the keys to a successful project.